The Circular Shipping Initiative has set out to explore the business opportunities for shipping in the global economy’s transition to a circular society.


Circular Economy (CE) is a recognized concept for sustainable growth and is increasingly gaining ground globally. CE is expected to have significant impact across products, markets, business models and value chains, but also on infrastructure, which maritime in essence is the backbone of. Yet, very little effort has been put into the exploration of the maritime opportunity space in circular economy.

Over the coming years within a 10-year time frame, we will see new business opportunities and concepts enabled by the transition towards a more circular society. A major part of this shift will be driven by digital technology, data, new platforms and not the least new market actors.

The objective of Circular Shipping Initiative is to understand how shipping, as the backbone of global trade, can enable and capitalize on a circular conversion of global supply chains and what type of collaboration across value chains these changes will require: 

Does Circular Economy hold the potential to re-define shipping, from a commoditized service to a value adding facilitator of more circular flow of products, materials and services?